Some things you might like to know about our club


PCGC holds its meetings on the third (3rd) Monday of the month in the Christian Community Church, found at the intersection of Cam St & Cambridge Street,  Cambridge Park.  Please note we are not affiliated with or run by the church in any way, we just use their facilities.

The Committee

Duty Officer
Public Officer
Show Table Organiser
Speaker Organiser

Penrith city Garden Club phone number is:  0438 911 190

About Us

PCGC aims to provide a range of activities to cater to and stimulate members’ interest in gardening. These range from engaging speakers on a variety of topics for our club nights, to visiting other gardens of interest, near and far, to purely social activities, such as a lunch or dinner. Your ideas on what you’d like to do are welcomed. Please feel free to add a suggestion to the suggestion box.

Our club nights normally include a talk from a guest speaker, followed by the business meeting (we try to keep this brief), followed by light supper and a chance to mingle with other members.

We also run a plant table, where members bring in plants they have propagated for other members to buy. Proceeds from the table go to the club and you can pick up some lovely bargains.

If you’re feeling lucky we have a ‘lucky squares’ competition where a $2 guess could net you a nice little reward.


A particular feature of club nights is the competition table. The classes are announced in the newsletter for that month and there are some things that you will find helpful in understanding the process.

There are two sheets in the folder that provide specific information about the competition table: the ‘Competition Table’ sheet and the ‘Staging Units’ sheet.

Awards are presented on the night for various categories. Then at the end of the year awards and prizes are given for the most points received.

We hope you will enjoy bringing along some specimens from your garden to participate in this activity. We usually have a good display. It is also good practice if you are keen to exhibit in more formal situations as you get to know the standard requirements.

We hope that this information will help you get the most out of our club.